OUR INNOVATIVE Robot is designed to work in areas of high concentrations of people in which the robot helps people with navigation, answers any questions, translates promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom had to communicate.


The Robots attract maximum audience of the advertised product, and also excludes people from this process, because it works independently. Suffice it to start the robot, and then the robot will independently recognize people, to offer them to promote products and advise on predetermined topics.

Exceptional Service


Make The Robot the Center of your next EVENT!

The market value of renting robots is an average of $1000 per day.
The experience is unmatched.   It brings the fun of something
we once only dreamed of to life, without costing any unnecessary fees.

 The Robot is not only capable of entertaining but also will be able to carry out a wide array of helpful abilities such as completing chores, weapons detection, security monitoring, entertainment, companionship and also selling products.